Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easter Treats

Hello! I am back. So I have been debating for some time now about wether I should be a Stampin' Up Demonstrator or not. One minute I am all for it, and in the next minute I am unsure. I love ALL stamps, and that is my problem. When you are a demonstrator, you are held to use only Stampin' Up products. Hmmm......the debate continues. In the mean time, I am using my husband's camera, the quality of the photos is not up to par, but I think it will work until I can come up with money to purchase a camera.
So here it goes! Enjoy!

Here are the supplies. Two tag punches, one large, one small, I used Stampin' Up's large tag punch and small tag punch. I found these really cute white buckets at the dollar store, super cute! Green grass for the basket, tule, Easter stamp, Glossy Accents and a Easter type candy.

I also used some shiney raffia and a butterfly punch. A small one.

I used some pinchers here and squeezed the bucket handles together so they would stay up. 

It will look like the one on the right. Do this to both sides.

Next, take the glossy accents, (it is a super great adhesive) apply a tiny dot wherever you want a butterfly.

Add a butterfly leaving the wings up a little to give that 3D effect.

Stuff the bottom of the pail with a little bit of papertowel. This will help the eggs stay on top.

Add in grass.

Now the eggs or candy of your choice.

It is hard to see, but place two strips of tule down, I started doing it like a T shape, but quickly found that it does not work! So put them side by side overlapping about an inch or so. Gather up and tie with raffia.

Now we will make the tag. Punch a large tag and a small tag.

Stamp the small tag however you wish. I got this trio stamp set at JoAnn fabric in the dollar bin:)

Using double sided tape, tape the smaller tag to the larger tag.

Punch hole where you want the brad to go.

It should look similar to this.

Add the tag to the already tied raffia. Tada!! You are done. The whole project cost me around $.75 to make! Let me know what you think!

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  1. what a cute idea. You gave me inspiration to try something myself.Thanks