Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Criss Cross Box

Good morning!! I have officially become a Stampin' Up demonstrator!! Please consider me when you make your next Stampin' Up purchase, or if you want to host a party, just drop me a email and I will help you. Having a party is so fun and a great way to visit with some friends and be productive. I am trying to figure out a date for my first class. It will be at my home here in Randolph I am so excited!!

Ok, so today I have made a criss cross box. This box was created by Nicole Heady. Thank you Nicole! Here is the recipe:
1-8 1/2 by 11 sheet of Stampin' Up Card stock ( I used Razzel Berry)
1-8 1/2  by 2 1/2 piece Stampin' Up Card stock ( I used Old Olive)
1 8 1/2 by 1 1/2 piece of Stampin' Up Card stock ( I used Crushed Curry)
Stampin' Up Stamp sets ( I used Herb Expressions and Eastern Blooms)
Razzelberry Ink
Stampin' Up tag punch
Stampin' Up scallop punch
So now take the Razzelberry cardstock and follow this pattern


After the cardstock has been scored, it will look like this. There will be the taller box on the top and the shorter one on the bottom.

On the top right corner draw a line from one corner to the other corner like so
Cut along this line

The cardstock should look like this.

Now you will cut along the bottom edges ( refrence the pattern if it is confusing. The red lines are the lines you cut)

Now you should be at this point

I then take and turn over the pattern and prepare for stamping. I wanted to stamp the box using the same color ink as paper (this is why I LOVE stampin' up, color cordination!!)

I stamp on a piece of junk paper so I can get the edges without staining my table with ink.

Now using a bone folder, fold on all of the lines. 

It should look similar to this

Now you will begin taping. It is hard to show exactly where to tape, but I hope you get the idea. The box kind of folds itself.

This is after the tabs have been taped down.

Close up the sides

Now the sides. Be sure not to tape to high up on the corner. 

Repeat with the other side

The box is done! Now onto a band to go around the project. 

This is the 8 1/2 by 2 1/2 inch paper. I used the scallop edge and scalloped both sides. 

Center the paper on the box and using your fingers fold the paper around the box. I find this works better with bands as opposed to scoring the paper. It seems to fit better. 

Now take the old olive card stock and use the bone folder and follow the creased lines. You are just creasing it.

It should look like this

Now take the Curry cardstock and distress the edges using Razzelberry ink.

Using a Stampin' Up sponge, dab the sponge on the ink pad

Now hold the paper with one hand and with the other hand holding the sponge, scrap the ink along the bottom edges of the paper

Now do the same to the Old olive cardstock. Then tape the Curry paper to the Old olive paper. Just line it up so it is centered

This is hard to see, but if you flip the old olive over, you will see where you currently used the bonefolder. just recrease on the same lines this will bend the curry cardstock in the exact same place

I do it this way so I can find the exact center. This will let me know where to place my stamps.

I am using the glitter pen and just filling in the centers to add a little dimension

Now taper the old olive cardstock to the box

I then punched a tag and stamped it. This will go over my goodies to make it easier to pull out of the box.

And there you have it!  A cute Criss cross box!! Thank you Nicole Heady for the pattern!

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