Thursday, January 7, 2010

Making a can a gift.

Good afternoon to you!
Today I have taken an ordinary can and turned it into a gift to give to a co-worker or friend. The cost of this gift is about $1.50 including buying the can of Beene Weenie that I don't even eat!
This is the stamp set I will be using from Stampin Up. I LOVE this set! I got it from my Momma for Christmas! I just adore it! I will be using Chocolate chip and regal rose ink.

Ok, so first you need a can that has a pop top.

Now be careful when choosing your can, the bottom has to be able to take a can opener. The bottom of a campbell soup can can not be opened with an opener, because it is slightly rounded. See the photo below.

Now you will open the can from the bottom, leaving your pop top intact. Wash out your can.

Now you will peel off the lable.

Cut two peices of card stock, I used red riding hood from Stampin up, cut at 8 1/2 inches long by 2 3/4 wide. I then cut a peice of regal rose also SU at 8 1/2 inches long by 2 1/2 inches wide.

Put adhesive on the red peice and add the pink peice on top of it leaving a border that is equal on top and bottom.

Now you will roll the paper on the edge of a table to get the paper to kind of bend so it will go around the can much easier.

Now, tape the red side, be sure to get the outter edges mostly so the edges don't roll up.

Now you will place one edge on the can and really press down to secure it in place

Now you can begin to roll it around the can. Be sure to really stick it down.

Now be sure to really stick down the seam!

I then used a piece of SU's Valentine paper cut to 8 1/2 inches long and 2 1/4 inches wide. Place the tape on the side you do NOT want showing. Then place it around the can.

Ok, so now you can use the large Marvy circle cutter and punch out a circle.

Now trace the inside of the circle of the tab

Now you will cut it out using your guide that you traced. So it looks like this.
Then tape it down.

I stamped the 3 heart image then punched them out using the 3 heart punch from SU. I doubled them my punching out 3 solid pink hearts and just layering them a bit. I used the Gelly pen that is pure glitter and glittered up the hearts.

I wanted a dimension to my hearts so I used Glossy Accents which dries clear and it dries thick like you see in this picture. It looks like a brad when it is dried. I love this stuff!

I stamped the image with versa mark

Don't be afraid, go ahead and dump it right on there! Use a catcher like this one to catch all of the extra glitter in I got mine at Michaels for a few dollars. You can also use a coffee filter. They are anti static so it makes it easy to catch and re pour your powder. Cheaper too!

Now that it is covered go ahead and dump it into your catcher

Now go ahead and tap it off to get any excess powder off. Now you will use your heat gun (sorry I thought I took a picture of this but did not. But heat it up. Then I cut out the heart leaving a slight pink border.

I cut a heart out of red and layered it so it appeared doubled. Sorry forgot a pic on this one too!

Run the heart on the edge of the table to help it bend around the can.

I then stamped the love image onto the same pattern paper using the opposite side of the stripes. I then cut it out. It is very hard to stick down small images or fine images, so I used my handy dandy xron sticker maker. LOVE this thing!! I then ran the image through.

Now to fill the can, turn it upside down and fill it with sizzle and candy or a gift of your choice.

This step is very important. Be sure not to have any sizzle or any part of the gift sticking over the edge. Make sure it is all tucked in nice and neat. Now you will need your rubber cement.
You will put the cement on just the outter edge of the lid bottom.

Press down your lid. You will notice that there is some that spills over, it is ok, just use your finger to wipe off the excess.

And then that is it!! You're done! How easy was that! What a great gift to give to a loved one!

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