Friday, January 1, 2010

This is my DD's Birthday invitation that went with the Asian themed cake. This was a FUN card to make!!

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  1. Wow Dee! This is so stunning. I'm amazed byt the soft shadow and background. Takes my breath away! Pure Gorgeousness! I got your email about blogging. Thank you Sooooooooh much for liking my blog & how fantastic that you have your own! I'm not sure what you mean about adding a description under the photo. Did you mean eliminating the space between the text? I work in the old blogger editor because I find it formats so much better (though you can see less screen.) I also love love LOVE to work in Mozilla firefox (instead of Explorer) since you can use right click undo when you use firefox as a browser & photos look better. Wish I had a better answer, but I'd love to chat about blogging if you ever have any questions. :o) Happy New Year to You. Hope you enjoy the big world of beautiful bloggers as much as I do! And Happy Birthday to your husband. Hugs,:o) mel